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About Us

Streamlining Private Markets

Influent was developed to enable private fund managers to market to, onboard, and administer smaller investors in a highly efficient and cost-effective way. We leverage Navable’s in-house technology to speed up the investor registration and subscription process, meaning fewer dropouts and a better investor experience.

Set to launch in the coming months, the Influent Marketplace will allow managers to expand their investor base and meet the growing demand from HNWIs for highly specialised private markets investments. Registered investors will be able to browse opportunities, search for specific strategies or managers, express interest in new funds, and apply to invest in live products.


Our Story

Influent was built to address the problem that many of our clients faced: bringing onboard HNWIs was a time-consuming and highly inefficient process, and, although there is growing interest in private markets investments from the HNWI community, marketing to individual investors was fragmented and too often relied on personal relationships.
Influent addresses these problems.

Our platform leverages robust technology to allow fund managers to easily manage subscriptions, capital calls, and reporting, as well as use the Influent Marketplace to market their products to an ecosystem of HNWIs investing in private markets.

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Fund Admission Criteria

Indicative and subject to change

To ensure all funds listed on the platform are of institutional quality, they must: 

  • Be Fund II or beyond, OR

  • Be Fund I backed by institutional investors with established private markets portfolios, for example; the UK government (British Business Bank) 

  • Be managed by a team that has a demonstrable track record of investing together

  • Be managed by a regulated General Partner

  • Use an appropriate, established fund structure, for example: a UK Limited Partnership, Scottish Limited Partnership, etc. 

  • Use reputable legal advisors, auditors, fund administrators, and other relevant professional services firms

  • Provide, at a minimum, a pitch deck, an audited track record, team biographies, and investment case studies to be available for investors to download from the fund profile

Meet the Team

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