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Influent is an easy-to-use, flexible technology platform built to streamline marketing and investor onboarding for private markets GPs.


A partnership between Ely Place Partners and Navable, Influent was developed to solve the problem that many of our clients faced: while high net worth individual investors and smaller institutions represent in aggregate a large and growing LP base, the process of bringing them onboard is time-consuming and highly inefficient. It is also a source of capital which is difficult to access beyond personal networks.

The Influent Marketplace, set to launch in the coming months, will allow registered investors to browse opportunities, search for specific strategies or managers, express interest in new funds, and apply to invest in live products.


The all-in-one capital raising platform & marketplace

Streamlining private markets

For Fund Managers

Digital Onboarding

Manage the entire application, subscription, and capital call process online.

Simplify Administration

Connect external parties, perform KYC/AML, and provide instant LP updates. 

Investor Portal

Distribute fund documents and valuation reports directly through our secure investor platform.

For Investors

Fully Digital Process

Our registration and investment process is entirely online and fast. Sign-up can take just 10 minutes.

Manage your Investments

Our customisable dashboard shows investment performance and stores all documentation.

Access Private Investments

The Influent Marketplace will feature a range of private markets opportunities.

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